Heather a.k.a. (affectionately known as) peanut (heathersub) wrote in nicejewishgirls,
Heather a.k.a. (affectionately known as) peanut

intro post

hello lades! my name is Heather, i am 28 years old and live in Hamilton, NJ right on the border of Trenton. i live with my best friend, her chihuahua and my two cats. i am a queer femme with a strong pull towards smart and aggressive butch women. i am addicted to manicures/pedicures, diet peach snapple and anything pink and sparkly. im kinky, quirky, obnoxious on occasion and maybe a little too sensitive. i have no idea what else to say except im a dork and i hope to meet another dork someday to make a baby and drive a minivan with.
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