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Pesach music

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to make my relatives a CD of songs from the Seder so that they are familiar with the tunes by the time Pesach roles around.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of especially good tunes, CDs etc (I have Debbie Friedman and a few others) I would also love an English version of the 4 Questions as the youngest of my cousins doesn't know any Hebrew?

If anyone would be prepared to upload any songs for me I would be extremely grateful!! Even names of artists and tracks helps. I'll happily share the finished CD with the group if people are interested.

Btw has anyone heard the Ten Plagues by David and the High Spirits? It sounds way too cheery...almost like a Chanukah song even as it's listing off the plagues.

I also heard that there is a 'make your own Haggadah' website. Does anyone have any experience of this or have any particular Haggadah references or websites they recommend?

Thank you!!

Apologies for X posting
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