Snarking toward Enlightenment (chaosphaere) wrote in nicejewishgirls,
Snarking toward Enlightenment

Greetings :)

I found this community from one of my LJ friends' profiles.

I'm 32. I'm Jewish, Reform, raised secular, and generally clueless about Judaism but still learning. I came from an interfaith family - father is of Episcopalian background.

I'm a non-traditional-age pre-med student. I'm a bookseller, and soon to be an EMT-Basic. I also live in the Burbs... East Contra Costa County, California. Because of where I live, my dominant way of meeting like minds is the internet. I've also decided that I intend to share my life with a Jewish woman.

Anyway, um... I really can't think of anything else to say. So I'll just wave hi :)
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